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AV Dental Case Study

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    The client: AV Dental

    Their industry: Cosmetic dentistry.

    Goals: A more efficient and accurate service for their patients


    The Mission:

    AV Dental are a high-end private dental practice in Bulgaria. They perform standard dental treatments such as ultrasonic scaling and plaque removal but specialise in dental prosthetics, veneers, and removable braces.

    The traditional way they received their dental mock-ups was cumbersome and prone to inaccuracies. AV Dental wanted to improve the accuracy of the renders they were being sent so they could streamline their processes and reduce the number of visits their patients would have to make to the practice. Additionally, AV Dental had recently purchased state-of-the-art digital manufacturing equipment and needed advice on how to use it effectively.

    The Strategy:

    Smile Wide was brought in to help from multiple angles. Firstly, they were charged with producing millimetre-accurate computer-aided designs (CADs) of AV Dentals’ patients’ teeth in their current state and what they would look like AFTER the treatment they performed. This would be of particular importance for their clear aligner braces treatments.

    The second part of the brief was to help AV Dental with its new manufacturing technology. Smile Wide had first-hand knowledge of the equipment that AV Dental would now be using to manufacture their dental products, so they would be acting on a consultancy basis to advise on how best to integrate it into the practice and to ensure a smooth digital workflow.

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    3d scan of teeth

    The Results:

    After previously studying together, the respective owners of Smile Wide and AV Dental turned a long-term friendship into a successful long-term business relationship based on mutual trust.

    Because the designs that Smile Wide produce are highly accurate, it vastly reduced the number of errors in mould creation and the amount of time the patient needs to sit in the chair having adjustments made.

    Patient confidence in the process improved dramatically.

    Because accuracy was improved, AV Dental were able to see more patients during the same opening hours.

    The integration of the new machinery went smoothly and is operating effectively.

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