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Smile Time Case Study

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    The client: Smile Time Lab

    Their industry: Dental lab.

    Goals: To transition from traditional physical methods to dental dentistry.


    The Mission:

    Smile Time are a small lab in London providing traditional physical wax-up models to dental practices. They also specialise in customised implants and cosmetic work. Smile Time also wanted to enhance its prosthodontic offerings for its clients. Because this is highly specialised work and completely bespoke, these jobs need to be incredibly accurate.

    They have realised that the traditional way of doing things is no longer viable – both in terms of finances and time restrictions – and are looking to transition into fully digital dentistry.

    The Strategy:

    Amparo, the lead dentist at Smile Time Lab, needed to start communicating regularly with George – the owner of Smile Wide and a practising dentist himself – to learn how to produce Computer-Aided Designs (CADs). 

    In order to successfully realise the goal of transforming her service offerings and products into fully digitised ones, she would need to closely follow George’s guidance and tutelage, ask lots of questions(!), and gradually learn how the digital CAD-CAM process worked.

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    The Results:

    • Smile Time is gradually submitting more and more Computer-Aided Designs to Smile Wide and is now in the process of phasing out the traditional physical wax-up modelling
    • Designs are being turned around for Smile Time’s clients faster than ever before
    • The quality of work that Smile Time is producing has improved greatly and is now more accurate than ever before
    • Clients of Smile Time are impressed with the consistency of their work and faster turnarounds
    • Amparo is looking to use Clear Aligners a lot more and George is helping her to produce the designs
    • Smile Time are now faster, more accurate, more time efficient, and more cost-effective as a business


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    Do you need a digital dentistry partner to help innovate your practice? If you would be interested in working with Smile Wide to provide your practice with cutting-edge bespoke CADs, then get in touch today.

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