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Smile Wide - Providing Innovation Through Digital Dentistry Technology

At Smile Wide, we know what goes into creating exceptional smiles. All the way from the initial consultation and the preparation, through to the procedure and the aftercare, we understand the dental process and exactly what you need to keep your patients happy.

Get a digital smile design  for as little as £25. Get your quote now. 

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Digital designs created by dentists for dentists and dental technicians

We’re dentists ourselves, that’s why we are able to offer such a high-quality and bespoke digital design service to dentists and dental professionals all across the UK and beyond.

State-of-the-art dental designs that you can trust

We create computer-aided designs (or ‘CADs’) of your patients’ predicted teeth alignment. These digital teeth impressions allow you and your patients to see exactly what their smiles will look like at the end of their time under your care. Our CADs are some of the best on the market, and with an uncompromising level of quality, they provide the dentist and their patients with unparalleled accuracy in their digital treatment plans.

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Fast digital dentistry results straight from our CAD specialists

Now more than ever, patients are after fast and efficient results that they can be proud of, and we understand that they also appreciate being involved in the process. 

We know that they will want to see their new teeth as soon as possible, and our digital dentistry service ensures that we don’t leave them waiting around. We keep your patients smiling the entire way through the process, by carrying out our lab work in as short a time frame as possible. 

Once we have received your scan files, CBCT, and photographs, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce impeccable dentist-approved CAD design results within just three days. With Smile Wide’s excellent dental CAD CAM service, you can keep your patients in the loop whilst also providing them with professional results that they won’t be able to stop smiling about.

With Smile Wide, our state-of-the-art services are accompanied by maximum efficiency, so you know that a dentist-approved smile is waiting just around the corner.

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Maximise your business potential with Smile Wide

We don’t believe in waiting around when it comes to digital dental solutions. In fact, we want to make our digital dentistry services accessible to all dentists and dental technicians. Our professional service is ideal for dentistry businesses that are looking to improve their processes, reduce production time, and seek a fixed price for their outsourced digital designs.

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Understanding our workflow

We love being able to keep you, our customers, in the loop, so that you can keep your patients equally informed. Following the techniques opposite, we are able to produce highly accurate and effective dental designs within a time period that suits you and your patients.

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Firstly, we will provide you with a price quote. When the offer is approved, the next part of the process can begin.


You will send us all the necessary patient scan information, CBCT, and clinical photographs to our email address, including your case description and expectations.


From there, we use our state-of-the-art CAD technology at our digital dental laboratory to design and produce stunning digital teeth impressions to show your patient. You can expect to receive your dentist-approved designs in only 5 working days.


Once you receive the digital plan for the position of the teeth, it needs to be verified and approved by you and your patient. At this stage you can make any changes that you or your patient desires.


Following your approval of our final digital CAD CAM design, it will be ready to manufacture. Smile Wide doesn’t manufacture the final product ourselves, but we do have trusted partners that we work closely with that can provide this CAM service for you.

Clear Aligners

The clear aligners designs that we create to help determine the outcome of your patient’s treatment are millimetre perfect in their measurements. Using our highly effective CAD technology, we can produce clear aligners digital templates that will reduce your patient’s time in the chair and lower costs for you.

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Clear aligners

Fixed Braces

Thanks to Smile Wide’s revolutionary digital dentistry CAD system, you can offer your patients a top-of-the-range indirect bonding service. Because of the IBT technique, their initial appointment will take far less time and make the procedure significantly easier for your patients.

Where this benefits you as the dentist is that you’ll be able to help more patients in the same amount of working hours, but the speed of the bracket bonding won’t affect the quality of your work. In fact, it will actually improve it – as IBT is planned digitally, the teeth will move as planned during the digital treatment plan.

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Fixed braces

The Possibilities of Our Digital Technology Services

Working with the best digital dental technologies available, the possibilities of our work is far reaching. Prioritising both high-quality services and an uncompromising approach to detail, it is no surprise that our customers are consistently satisfied with our work. There are multiple reasons why Smile Wide stands out from the crowd, why not experience them for yourself?

  • Simplicity of work
  • More Effective Techniques
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Execution speed
  • Control
  • Designs are pre-approved by dentists
  • Digital treatment plans start from just £25
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    Simplicity of work

  • More Effective Techniques

  • Uncompromising Quality

  • Execution speed

  • Control

Client testimonials


"Could not recommend more Smile wide. My treatment timing significantly improved since I started using their services."

Asha Thompson

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"Always doing their job quickly without letting the speed influence their excellent performance. "

Cillian Kirk

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"Always great service and attention to detail. The staff will always make sure you are happy with the treatment plans."

Emma Thomas

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"Courteous & friendly staff. Thorough and positive evaluation with full explanation of the treatment plan. Extremely happy with the experience."

Faye Joyce

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"Great service. Quick, efficient and professional as always. One of the few companies where dentists do all the work. "

Milana Davison

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Want to Improve the Speed and The Quality of Your Work? Our Team Can Help

Our services come straight from an ultra-modern dental CAD CAM facility that you can trust. As dentists ourselves, we have the interests of you, our fellow dentists, firmly in mind. Our services revolutionise the treatment process, producing pinpoint accurate digital teeth impressions, cutting down on appointment times, and keeping patients smiling.

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