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Ewan Bramley Case Study

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    The client: Ewan Bramley

    Their industry: Cosmetic dentistry.

    Goals: A faster, more accurate service for their patients.


    The Mission:

    Ewan Bramley is a private dental practice in North Shields that prides itself on its customer-focused approach. They specialise in routine dental procedures such as dental implants, teeth whitening, and composite veneers. 

    They had begun to see an increase in demand for clear aligners and wanted to ensure that this side of the business ran like clockwork, but were unequipped to do so. As contemporary dentists, they were interested in seeing if they could improve this part of their service by employing the very latest CAD technology but had little-to-no experience in dealing with companies that could help them do this.

    The Strategy:

    Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) are far more accurate than their physical wax-up counterparts and are designed to show a patient what their teeth look like prior to wearing clear aligners and how they will look once treatment has been completed. 

    To employ this state-of-the-art technology, they turned to one of their own! George Dandanov – who is a registered dentist at the North Shields practice – is also the owner of Smile Wide, and they decided to use his expertise and passion for CAD to revolutionise their clear aligner design process.

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    Digital smile design

    The Results:

    • George now personally approves every CAD for Ewan Bramley.
    • The designs that George and Smile Wide produce are accurate to the millimetre and delivered to the practice faster than ever. 
    • This means that Ewan Bramley has significantly cut the number of errors that the traditional method of producing designs was yielding.
    • Because the number of errors has been reduced, this has cut down the time that the patient needs to spend at the practice, so Ewan Bramley is effectively seeing more patients in the same amount of working hours, increasing their turnover and profit margin.
    • Patient confidence in the practicer is at an all-time high, with hundreds of positive Google reviews. They currently have a Google Business Rating of 4.9 out of 5.


    Get in Touch:

    Do you need a digital dentistry partner to help innovate your practice? If you would be interested in working with Smile Wide to provide your practice with cutting-edge bespoke CADs, then get in touch today.

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