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    The client: Sirius-Dent

    Their industry: Modern dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

    Goals: For their dental implantation and aesthetic dentistry services to become more streamlined and accurate.


    The Mission:

    Sirius-Dent has been operating in Ukraine since 2004. Though they are highly successful, many of their practices needed updating to bring them in line with advances in dental modelling technology. One of Sirius-Dent’s flagship service offerings is dental implantation, so they wanted to bring this aspect in line with the rest of their dental services.

    The Strategy:

    George – the owner of Smile Wide and a practising dentist himself – liaised with the dental professionals at Sirius-Dent in the Ukraine. As George understands Ukrainian and speaks Russian, this helped to smooth out the process considerably. George took the traditional dental modelling data that Sirius-Dent provided him with and turned that into pinpoint accurate Computer-Aided Designs (CADs) of the patient’s teeth, both in their current appearance and what they would look like after treatment. 

    As Ukraine is in a different time zone to the UK where Smile Wide is based, George works on EET with them in order to support them in the fastest and best possible way. He has also done this with them for a number of their international clients.

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    The Results:

    • The designs that Smile Wide produce are highly accurate. Therefore, they have helped to almost eradicate errors associated with the old mould creation process.
    • The amount of time the patient needs to sit in the chair having adjustments made has been reduced considerably.
    • Patient confidence in the process improved dramatically and Sirius-Dent recommendations are up.
    • Efficiency at the practice has improved to the point where Sirius-Dent have been able to see more patients in the same opening hours, increasing their revenue.


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    Do you need a digital dentistry partner to help innovate your practice? If you would be interested in working with Smile Wide to provide your practice with cutting-edge bespoke CADs, then get in touch today.

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