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Clear aligners you can trust

Dental patients want their new smile to happen quickly, with as little disruption to their looks as possible. We’re a dental service made by dentists for dentists, and Smile Wide use advanced technology to create a perfect digital treatment plan of your patient’s clear aligners in just 3 days.

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    Investing in digital clear aligners

    As a dentist, you’ll know that clear aligners are one of the most commonly used form of orthodontic treatment. With new-shaped clear aligners being required every few weeks, it makes sense to get the measurements correct at the first time of asking. This cuts down the amount of work that you have to do and it gives the patient confidence in the process.

    That’s why, here at Smile Wide, we use measurements taken by you, a qualified professional, to make a computer-aided digital treatment plan of the different shaped clear aligners that your patients will need in the coming weeks and months. This process is so time-efficient and accurate that we can have your digital plan back to you for approval within 5 working days.

    We can also offer the same exceptional service for fixed braces, so be sure to enquire if your practice would benefit from the same quick turnaround on these alternatives to clear aligners.

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    Why should you choose Smile Wide for your clear aligners?

    As dentists ourselves, we know just how much work goes into taking scan files, CBCT, photos, case description and patient/dentist expectations. Even a millimetre or two out can mean that the patient spends much more time in the chair, which is just as frustrating for them as it is for you.

    When we make a digital plan for your clear aligner, we trust the measurements and images that you’ve provided us with implicitly, and use them as a basis to make a digital design using exceptionally accurate CAD technology. However, the beauty of this method is that, on the rare occasion that adjustments do need to be made, they can be done in the computer before the final product is manufactured.

    Not only does this mean reduced costs for you, but it also means less time in the chair for your patient and a more efficient service for them all around. It’s a win/win situation for everybody.
    We don’t make the physical clear aligners ourselves, but we do have partners that we trust implicitly to produce outstanding products based upon the data that we provide them with, so let us know if this is a service you would be interested in.

    Laying out our process, step by step

    We want you to feel in control of your patient’s custom treatment plan, so let us walk you through our process.

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    We’ll provide you with a quote for a digital design plan for your clear aligner requirements. Once you are happy to proceed, we can start the data transfer.


    You send us the scan files, CBCT, and clinical photos that you have taken from your patient in order for us to start designing their unique digital template


    We send you the expectation photos files (before/after) of different angles, video animations showing the stages of how exactly the teeth will be moving during the treatment, what IPR and attachments, and when they will be needed in order to achieve more predictable teeth movements. Up to and including this stage, you can still specify any adjustments.


    You can request a custom made presentation explaining your clinical process to your patients.


    Once we get your final approval, you can proceed to making your patient’s transparent aligners a physical product. If you need help finding a clear aligners manufacturer, we can also help with this.

    Use our clear aligners digital treatment service for the perfect smile, every time.

    Our bespoke clear aligner design is a Smile Wide service that guarantees to keep your patients smiling all the way through their custom treatment plan. If you want to give your patients a new smile that they will be proud of, reach out to us now!

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