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    At Smile Wide, we don’t believe in wasting time when it comes to digital dental medicine. We want to make the best quality tech services accessible to all our dentists and dental technicians. Our professional service is ideal for dentists that are looking to streamline their processes, cut down on their production time, and seek a fixed price for outsourced digital designs.

    Offering the highest quality in computer automated designs, we lead the way when it comes to dental lab work. Combining our excellent treatment options with our friendly customer service and consistently efficient turnaround, you can trust that we will do your work to the highest standards.

    And the benefits go further than your practice. We understand how much patients like to be caught up in the process of their treatment plan. That’s why we offer bespoke presentations that explain the course of their treatment and exactly what will happen and when.

    Increase your customer satisfaction and keep your clients happy by making your treatments as streamlined and efficient as possible. With a little help from us at Smile Wide, your patients will be walking away from your practice with brand new smiles that they can be proud of, and all within a reasonable time frame.

    Outsource your dental services to a lab that you can trust, and take your services to the next level with Smile Wide.

    Client testimonials


    "Could not recommend more Smile wide. My treatment timing significantly improved since I started using their services."

    Asha Thompson

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    "Always doing their job quickly without letting the speed influence their excellent performance. "

    Cillian Kirk

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    "Always great service and attention to detail. The staff will always make sure you are happy with the treatment plans."

    Emma Thomas

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    "Courteous & friendly staff. Thorough and positive evaluation with full explanation of the treatment plan. Extremely happy with the experience."

    Faye Joyce

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    "Great service. Quick, efficient and professional as always. One of the few companies where dentists do all the work. "

    Milana Davison

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